Summers in Buda
During my short stay in my hometown Budapest this summer I started to draw old ladies in public for fun and ended up distilling the imagery into one single illustration. Walking around in Buda, I was inspired by the old shop signs and vintage illustrations in the window displays. Summers in Buda is part of a series of street illustrations I started to work on recently, comparing life in London and Budapest.
Falcon is one of my personal projects based around the idea of comparing London and Budapest through street views. It is basically the London equivalent of Summers in Buda, another illustration I did this summer, working with a similarly ironic tone. After recently moving house I felt the need to illustrate this so far undiscovered part of London and start a series of images inspired by the streets and different communities of the city.
Paraphrase is an exploration of London’s diverse atmosphere employing a blend of motifs inspired by Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer. Dürer’s work captures snapshots of his time, giving an insight into the life of different layers of society. This piece attempts to do the same in a contemporary context by asking questions about identity formation in relation to consumerism as part of a cross-cultural dialogue. One of the most exciting features of Dürer’s work is his ability to integrate his characters into inherently German environments regardless of where the story he illustrated was originally set. This intercultural approach created a curious mixture of motifs that were subjects of endless interpretation during the past centuries. The aim of Paraphrase is to join into this international discourse by presenting its own set of motifs and proving that if Dürer could place Adam and Eve in a German forest of his time, his characters can still be valid in the London of 2017.
BP is a digital illustration commissioned by Société Budapest, aiming to communicate the organisation’s art and design oriented visions. My task was to show the colourful, forward looking side of Budapest, giving an insight into the daily life of its young citizens. The illustration, as part of the organisation’s print campaign, was featured in National Geographic, Marie Claire, Elle and Cosmopolitan magazines.
Fatso is a series of illustrations condensed into a small publication based on the short story of the same name written by Israeli author Etgar Keret. I only recently discovered his work and instantly felt like our ways of seeing share something in common. His disturbing, absurd and oddly humorous writings resonated with the atmosphere of my illustrations.In terms of visuals I decided to go for a vintage interiors inspired aesthetic as I thought it would work well with the tone of storytelling. The colour palette I used was also based on ‘70s, ‘80s interior design and publications, board games from the same era, mostly from Hungary.
Hungarian Etudes
Hungarian Etudes is a series of images and short animated sequences attempting to present Budapest and its citizens from a personal, and rather sarcastic point of view. My aim was to capture everyday life as I experienced it during my 18 years of living there; with its grey tones, awkwardness and a certain type of humour that I believe can’t be found anywhere else. To make my illustrations come alive, I teamed up with Lorna Searl and Eszter Jánka who worked on the sound and animation.
Skag FjÖrd
Skag Fjörd is a commission I got from Kristjana S Williams Studio. My task was to come up with three different chocolate packaging designs, each representing the wild life of Iceland.
Footnotes is small collection of selected sketchbook drawings I produced in the past year, bluntly documenting my journey as a human being, just like they were pages of a diary. The body of drawings presented in this booklet is an amalgamation of returning motifs I associate with my hometown, Budapest, and one off characters that can be traced back to a particular day, event, person or state of mind. My aim with this project was to distill the essence of this seemingly random flood of doodles into a more digestible form while preserving their intimate and personal disposition.
Sisters is a series of illustrations I produced during the summer of 2016 as I was travelling around London. My aim was to depict a number of female characters based on real life people I had the chance to observe and meet during my journey. The images were created using acrylic paint, pen, pencil with a bit of digital colouring.

I am Berta, an illustrator and graphic designer from Budapest, Hungary. I have just graduated from BA Graphic Communication Design degree at Central Saint Martins. My work is created through an amalgamation of analogue and digital techniques, mainly exploring the notion of identity formation and female sexuality in relation to consumerist culture. As an illustrator fascinated by human behavioural patterns and emotions, observation plays a crucial role as part of my creative process. My primary focus is on character design and publication design, with a growing interest for branding and animation.
IG: @bertavallo

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